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6052 BOPP film product description

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6052 BOPP film product description

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First, 6052 biaxially stretched polyimide film product description

6052 biaxial tensile polyimide film is made with 4.4 - two amino two pyromelliticdianhydride phenyl ether by synthetic resin, salivation, biaxial stretching made of polyimide film.

6052 biaxial tensile polyimide film has excellent mechanical and electrical properties, excellent dimensional stability, chemical resistance and radiation resistance and excellent high temperature performance, can be used for a long time at -240 degrees to 260 degrees celsius.

Two, 6052 biaxial tensile polyimide film technical requirements

1, appearance:

The surface of the film is smooth and clean, and should not have any defects such as wrinkle, tear, particle bubble, pinhole and foreign impurities.

2, size:

1) thickness and allowable deviation: recommended thickness, can also be based on user requirements for

Nominal thickness 12.5 m m 35 m 25 m 40

Allowable deviation +2/-1 +2/-2 +2/-2 +2/-2

2) width and testimonies: according to customer requirements

Three, 6052 polyimide film applications

6052 polyimide film is mainly used in the FPC industry as a cover film, and can be widely used in wire and cable and electrical insulation.